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Host a party with a set of 4 wine charms to avoid any mix-ups! . These wine charms also make great gifts for parties, weddings, and other special events!

Available as: -#JAZZLIVES -Candlelight Jazz -Coffee. Jazz. Repeat

Express your support for jazz music and musicians by proudly wearing this cap. Perfect for outdoor festivals and even winding down after the gig. This is an ideal gift for the jazz lover in your life. Great for music students! Celebrate jazz!

Garden City Jazz 2017 Calendar of Events

Garden City Jazz Calendar of Events (GET TICKETS) January 1 – December 31, 2017 “We (are) seeking partnerships with business owners, government officials, and non-profits to present music in public (and sometimes, unexpected) spaces. By its nature, jazz music has a definite structure and form. The theme is clear, yet variation is expected. So, from

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Ryanne Thomas – 27th Dresses

27th Dresses 10.25.17 Dedicated to the women who raised me. Dawn Della DeVeaux Dana DeVeaux Harris Robin DeVeaux Taylor Karen Gordon Barbara Chapman Naomi Rubin DeVeaux Tina Deveaux Phyllis Green Toni Belin Special thanks to Shirl Ward and Jennifer Wilson Buenvenida ***watch with sound and obviously I don’t own the rights to this music*** -Ryanne P. Thomas

Thoughts on JBA & Regency

JBA to Regency? I feel strongly that our Mayor & Coliseum Authority misstepped (is that a word?) in the way they announced the proposal to build the new JBA at Regency Mall. I serve on the Downtown Advisory Panel (since 2015), and for the past ten years, I have been a champion for the music

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Looking Back.. Over The Years….

Periodically, I look into the #GardenCityJazz archives – files, graphics, documents, contracts, plans, etc. This is usually reserved for equipment updates (computer crashes), IRS audits, or personal meltdowns. Luckily, neither of those have happened lately #knockonwood. Not yet, anyway. But today, as I spoke to a fellow musician about getting some music together, he reminded

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